Health and wellness is a personal journey for each and every one of us.

Kimberly’s journey has been filled with many ups and downs. However, in that journey, she has seen how those ups and downs can directly affect your health and mental wellness.

Who is Kimberly Miner?

In her youth, and through her early adulthood, Kim was a ballet dancer. When unforeseen circumstances ended that career unexpectedly it left her with a void to fill. Soon a new desire began to grow and before she knew it she had transformed into a highly competitive athlete. In the world of sports, she struggled with her self-image and that led to destructive behavior which eventually developed into an eating disorder.

Her self-doubt eventually brought her into the world of domestic abuse. However, once her two amazing children were born she found the courage to rise up and reclaim the person that she always knew she was inside.

Unfortunately for her, her troubles weren’t over. She would eventually experience three pulmonary embolisms that would keep her in the hospital for 8 weeks. Kim would not be held back from where she needed to be. She returned home, packed up everything she owned, and moved halfway across the country to Arizona, where so knew no one, so that she could start her life over.

“I could crumble and people might say rightfully so, but what would that have accomplished for myself and what examples would I be setting for my children? No, I have always chosen optimism. I have always had this fire to show those who didn’t believe in me that I could succeed, although at times it felt like an exhausting fight just to survive. There was no other alternative other than to persevere through whatever storms were on the horizon.”

It has been through so many of these life experiences that she has learned how to stay on a better and more productive path, to stay vigilant with her health and wellness. Her hope is to touch people who feel lost so that she can stop in their tracks and show them what’s really surrounding them. That way they can finally decide how to make that change in their life for the better.

Kimberly will continue to reach out through her podcast, public speaking, support groups, and learn-shops so that she can educate on the choices that life can throw at us. With her help, you can regain control of your life, grow your self-worth, and finally improve your health and wellness.

“I hope to reach you. Imagine what we could accomplish if we just got out of our own way.”

Kimberly Miner is a transformational speaker, consultant, and the creator of the “Envision You: The Transformation Starts Here” women’s summit.

Having had a successful career in corporate sales, Kim launched her own company “Wholistic Living, Health & Wellness” where she empowers others in their lives.

Her podcast “The Kimberly Miner Podcast: Your Best You” reaches more than 9,000 listeners a week.

Areas in the media where Kim has been featured:

iNetpreneur Magazine cover story
Voyage Phoenix
Nominated For Top 100 Leaders in Education for “Woman in Business”
Winning Leadership: Seven Secrets for Employee Champions and Sale Superstars
Guest Speaker at “Own Your Own Body Summit”
Host Panelist for iNetwork Expo
Messages of Inspiration, Hope & Support Virtual Event
Co-host on Togi-Net Radio Show “Your Future is Now”
C-Suite Network Thought Council Forum
Training Director for Speakers Pathway Coalition Certification
Educational and Speakers Board of Network Together
Keynote Speaker at the Purpose & Passion Tour 2020


Kim is passionate about transforming the lives of others through the power of resilience, buoyancy, and reflection.