Kimberly Miner

Kimberly’s riveting and awe-inspiring Keynote speaking spotlights soaring high, surviving, and overcoming the obstacles of domestic abuse. She’ll explain how to over come failures by setting goals that are easy to achieve. With the powerful connection that she makes with her audiences she’ll empower them to overcome any adversity that stands in their way. It’s time to find out what Kimberly Miner can do for you.

Some of the topics that Kimberly covers:

  • Recovering Failure with Goals
  • The 4 Awareness’s in Achieving Goals
  • What is and How to Achieve “Optimum Success”
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • 5 proven ways to set and achieve goals
  • I am no longer a victim of Domestic Abuse
  • Women Empower Yourself “You Can Have It All”

As a ballet dancer and a life long athlete, a survivor of domestic abuse, a single mother of 2 grown children, an entrepreneur, a business owner, a strategic business coach, and the host of “The Kimberly Miner Podcast” she will speak from the heart and connect directly with your audience.